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Laserklinikken in Skedsmo

Laserklinikken in Skedsmo

Line Skjærvik
Line Skjærvik

Line Skjærvik runs the Laserklinikken located in Skedsmo Center. She was trained as a psychiatric nurse and has worked in healthcare since 1988. She received her medical laser diplomaa at Anne Harila’s Laserklinikken in Sandvika and opened her own clinic in Skedsmokorset in 2007 where she works full time as a laser therapist.

The clinic also carries out treatments of warts, skin stains, stretch marks and hair removal.

She has also participated in International Conference on Laser Medicine and is a member of the Swedish Laser Medical Association (SLMS) and European Medical Laser Association (EMLA).

The Laserklinikken in Skedsmo is affiliated with Dr. Farhat Anjum.


Skedsmo Senter, Furuveien 11
2020 Skedsmo
Telephone: 92643816
Mobile: 926 43 816

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