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Laserklinikken in Råholt

Laserklinikken in Råholt

Synnøve Eliassen
Synnøve Eliassen

Synnøve Eliassen worked before in a care home in Eidsvoll municipality. She received her degree in medical laser therapy in 1995 at the main clinic in Sandvika.

She opened the Laserklinikken in Råholt / Eidsvoll verk in October 2000

The Laserklinikken in Råholt also carry out treatments of warts, tattoos, stretch marks and hair removal.
The Laserklinikken offer treatments for patients from Eidsvoll, Hamar, Gjøvik, Elverum and the surrounding areas. The clinic is easily accessible via Eidsvoll Verk train station.

Synnøve Eliassen participated in International Congresses on Laser Medicine and holds a certificate from international laser safety course of Penny Smalley.


Synnøve Eliassen is a member of the Swedish Laser Medical Association (SLMS) and European Medical Laser Association (EMLA).


Sagmoveien 2
2074 Eidsvoll Verk
Telephone: 63 95 65 80
Mobile: 91 72 18 90

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