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Laserklinikken in Sandnes

Laserklinikken in Sandnes

Karin Hølland
Karin Hølland

Karin Hølland runs the Laserklinikken in Sandnes / Rogaland since 2007, where a high number of laser machines are being used. She received her lasermedical education at Anne Harila’s Laserklinikken in Sandvika and works full time as a laser therapist. 

She is a trained nurse and gained practical experience at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS). Her clinical experience is from medical-surgical unit; from 2003 she also worked at Forusakutten AS/Fedon Lindberg's clinic as a dietary manager.

Karin Hølland participated in International Congresses on Laser Medicine and holds a certificate from international laser safety course of Penny Smalley.


Langgt. 96 B
4306 Sandnes
Telephone: 51 37 1000
Mobile: 902 123 92

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