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Laserklinikken in Sandvika

Laserklinikken in Sandvika

Anne Harila,lasertherapist
Anne Harila, lasertherapist
Petter Harila, lasertherapist
Petter Harila, lasertherapist

Anne Harila is one of the pioneers in laser therapy. She was the 4th and the youngest in Western Europe, and the first in Scandinavia The first laser machines were produced in the former Soviet Union. There were lectures on laser treatments in many countries, and Anne Harila was a popular lecturer in Western Europe. Anne Harila has worked with lasers since 1973, but opened her first clinic in Norway in 1979. Nowadays, she focuses on new franchise concept in laser treatment in different countries.

Petter Harila began his medical training in Laserklinikken in September 2005, and have participated in International Conferences on Laser Medicine. He completed his training and become laser therapist in 2007. He is also member of the European Medical Laser Association (EMLA), which is headquartered in Prague in the Czech Republic, as well as member of the Swedish Laser Medical Association (SLMS). Petter Harila hold a certificate from international laser safety course of Penny Smalley.

Petter Harila held a lecture in Laser Bucharest International Congress 2010 on laser treatment for sports injuries and acne.


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