Pimples are caused by over-production of sebum, clogging of sebaceous glands and skin bacteria.

Pimples occur because of skin bacteria Propionebacterium acnes, which feeds on skin oils. During the breakdown of skin oils the formation of waste products and fatty acids occurs, which irritates the sebaceous gland and causes inflammation. It results in appearance of small red nodules, which are tender. These are being replaced by the actual pimples, containing degraded oil. The inflammation subsides after a few days or weeks, depending on how big they are, but usually it starts all over again.

Outbreaks of acne can cause scars.

Blackhead: Black dots.

Papule: Small swelling, most often red.

Pustules: Slightly larger swelling with evident inflammation and pus inside.

Nodules: Clearer swelling with clear pus inside.

Cysts: Large pus filled swelling.

Our clinics use several variations with lasers against acne / pimples. LLLT (low level laser treatment)


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